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B3206 Xpert Elecronic Switch

RM 65.00


This electronic switch is more reliable than a standard mechanical switch, and is compatible with 6.0V NiMH receiver packs, as well as 7.4V LiPo. The switch uses a series of LED sequences to indicate the type of battery and the voltage of the battery selected by the user. When the Blue L1 light is solid it is in LiPo mode, and when the light is flashing it is in NiMH mode. When the battery voltage gets low (5.3V NiMH/6.8V LiPo), the Red L2 light will flash, and when the battery reaches the low voltage point (4.8V NiMH/6.4V LiPo), the red LED will stay lit constantly so you know its time to recharge/replace the battery.

Input Voltage: DC 6.0V - 7.4V
Output Voltage: DC 6V/10A - 7.4V/8A
Battery Mode: NiMH/LiPo
Dimensions (LxWxH): 29.4x19x11.3mm
Mounting Dimensions: 28.5x16mm
Weight: 10g


This switch does not provide a low voltage cut off, only an indicating light to inform you of the approximate battery voltage.
This switch consumes a slight amount of power when in stand by mode. To avoid over discharging the battery, you must disconnect the battery plug after use.