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GT-SD4 GT Power 20W 3A AC LiPo Battery Balance Charger LiFe NiCd NiMH

RM 80.00

The GT Power SD4 charger is an economic, high quality 100~240v AC balance charger, designed for charging LiPo and LiFe batteries from 2 to 4 cells in balance mode, or NiMh batteries from 4 to 8 cells.

 SD4 AC240V Charger output 1A/2A/3A. Lipo/LiFe 2-4S, NiMH/NiCd 4-8S
 It will charge LiPo / Life batteries 2S-4S, Nimh / Nicd 4-8 cells (4.8v - 9.6v).
 Switchable current selecter 1A,2A or 3A.
 Input voltage 100~240v wall outlet.
 Digital display indicates battery voltage (Nimh) or cell percentage (Lipo)