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SP000007 Speed Passion Reventon Series Smart LED Program Card

RM 65.00


The smart LED program card is a compact, toolbox friendly device to used to set programmable parameters of the Reventon Brushless ESC. It functions in the following 2 modes:

1. Utilized as a standalone device to set the ESC, the value of each programmable parameter of the Reventon ESC is displayed on its own screen.

2. Utilized as an USB adapter to link the Reventon ESC to a PC, the user can update the ESC firmware or set the programmable parameters of the Reventon ESC by using the Reventon software on PC.


  • For: Speed Passion Reventon Series Only
  • With USB Upgrade



  • Size: 97.4mm x 65.2mm x 23.2mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Power Supply: DC 5.0V to 6.0V